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MAGDA KACZMARSKA is a dancer, choreographer, teaching artist and creative aging advocate based in New York City. Kaczmarska was born in Poland but grew up in the southwestern United States where she received her MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography from the University of Arizona and her BS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics.

Drawing on her classical folk, ballet and modern training, Kaczmarska’s performance work explores infrastructures of language and identity. She has worked and performed with Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Kensaku Shinohara, Heidi Latsky Dance, Hilary Brown (Same As Sister, HB2), Matthew Westerby and LLMoves among others.

Her interdisciplinary work has been presented at the Shoestring Press, Center for Performance Research, Gibney and Movement Research in New York; Tucson Museum of Art, Fred Fox School of Music, ZUZI! and Stevie Eller Theatres in Tucson, Arizona; and LEGS Performance Festival in Giswil, Switzerland.

Her collaborative works with Hilary Brown and Same As Sister have been performed as part of Exploring the Metropolis at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) and as part of La Mama Moves! Dance Festival with AUNTS! The work Shadow Tender, created in collaboration with Natalya Kolosowsky was invited to the World Stage Design 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan and in Portland, Oregon in 2019.

Before relocating to New York, Kaczmarska served as co-founder, choreographer and performer with Evolve Dance~West, a non-profit dance company which sought to expand accessibility to dance in southern Arizona. She received her Dance for PD training with Mark Morris Dance Group and developed a subsidiary program in Arizona. 

As a teaching artist Kaczmarska has devoted her career to increasing accessibility to dance to all communities, especially those to whom dance seems least accessible. She is a creative aging advocate working with Naomi Goldberg Haas, artistic director of Dances for a Variable Population, in bringing knowledge and understanding of the benefits of creative expression on healthy aging and community integration. As a lead teacher, performer and programs & community liaison with Dances for a Variable Population, she serves NYC older adults and their communities in exploring their creativity through movement. She hosts regular classes for performers, choreographers, artists and educators and in the group improvisation method of Barbara Mettler.  

Movement exploration for Sakrament, CPR, Brooklyn, NY Dancer: Magda Kaczmarska Film/Editing: Ryan Mitchel

Shadow Tender WSD2017 Trailer


Dancer/choreographer: Magda Kaczmarska Video and Watercolor art: Jiin Ahn